Power Institute for Art & Visual Culture

The University of Sydney
Room N312, R C Mills Building (A26)
Fisher Road
NSW, 2006 

phone +61 2 9351 4826
fax +61 2 9351 7323


Director: Prof. Mark Ledbury

Power Institute for Art & Visual Culture The Power Institute at the University of Sydney is the premier research centre for visual art in Australia. It exists to promote and disseminate research, scholarship and ideas in the visual arts. Its founding mission is to promote and diffuse the deepest, most resonant and most influential ideas in the visual arts. To further that mission it is committed to being both a convening space for advanced research in the visual arts and a vibrant centre of engagement with contemporary art and ideas for a public beyond the University. The Power Institute furthers these aims by supporting the research and teaching of Art History at the University of Sydney; by sponsoring research, lectures, symposiums, workshops and other intellectual events, often in partnership with Museums, Universities and Institutes nationally and internationally;  by sponsoring a fellowship scheme in Paris for artists and writers; by publication of a range of books on visual art in Australia and worldwide, and through public engagement via social media.  The Power Institute is a Foundation of the University of Sydney, whose funding comes from philanthropy and from the investment of the John Power Bequest.