Ústav dejín umenia SAV (Institute of Art History of Slovak Academy of Sciences), Bratislava

Dúbravská cesta 9
SK–841 04 Bratislava

phone +4212 54 793 895
fax +4212 54 793 895

Director: PhDr. Ivan Gerát, PhD.  
Institute of Art History of Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava Institute of Art History SAS concentrates on a research into the Slovak art history and architecture and their international context. The investigation is focused on painting, sculpture, handicraft and architecture since Middle Ages till 20th Century; an analysing of a historical development, international relations, iconographical motives, social bounds and theoretical aspects of history of Slovak art. Results of the research are published in a form of monographs or as journal studies. The Institute is a publisher of art-historical journal ARS.