Międzynarodowe Centrum Kultury (International Cultural Centre)

Rynek Główny 25
PL–31-008 Krakow

phone +48 12 42 42 811
fax +48 12 42 18 571

Director: Ms. Agata Wasowska-Pawlik

Międzynarodowe Centrum Kultury (International Cultural Centre), Krakow At the heart of the International Cultural Centre’s work is a multidimensional approach to cultural heritage. Our mission is to conduct dialogue and interdisciplinary research into culture and heritage in Europe and elsewhere in the world. The ICC has the status of a national institution of culture (a governmental institution financed directly by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage) active in the fields of research, education, publishing and exhibitions. It pursues its mission of public diplomacy by facilitating international cultural dialogue, taking Central Europe as the point of departure for its action and thought on heritage. The byword in all our areas of work is interdisciplinarity. Main themes: cultural heritage theory and management, the phenomenon of memory, the art and cultural space of Central Europe, intercultural dialogue, the city as a mirror for civilisation, cultural policy and the economics of culture.