Institut Za Povijest Umjetnosti (Institute of Art History), Zagreb

Ulica grada Vukovara 68
CR-10 000 Zagreb

phone + 385 1 611 27 44
fax + 385 1 611 27 42

Director: Milan Pelc, PhD  
Institute of Art History, Zagreb The Institute of Art History in Zagreb is a public scientific institution focusing on the history and theory of  visual arts (painting, sculpture, visual communications) as well as architecture and urbanism in Croatia of all chronological or stylistic periods, from the Early Middle Ages to recent time.
The Institute was founded in 1961 with the aim to promote, coordinate and enhance scholarly research in the history of art in Croatia in its international context. The institute publishes three journals, and various editions of   studies and monographs on the Croatian art and architecture. In the course of its half-century long history, the Institute has been expanding the boundaries of the discipline itself, opening new areas of research, establishing new communication channels and substantially contributing to the creation of scientific and operational basis for the preservation of the art heritage in Croatia.