Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts
National Gallery of Art

6th Street and Constitution Avenue
US–Washington, D.C. 20565

phone  +1 202 842 6480
fax  +1 202 842 6733

Dean of the Center: Prof. Dr. Steven Nelson 

Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts CASVA, founded in 1979 and located in the National Gallery’s East Building, is a research institute that fosters study of the production, use, and cultural meaning of art, artifacts, architecture, urbanism, photography, and film worldwide from prehistoric times to the present. The programs of CASVA include fellowships, meetings, research, and publications. These are privately funded through endowments and grants to the National Gallery of Art. A board of advisors appointed to rotating terms meets annually to consider policies and programs. Members of the board as well as other scholars make up selection committees for fellowships at CASVA. Appointments are recommended to the Board of Trustees of the National Gallery of Art for approval. Information on CASVA: Fellowship application portal: